A Slug-Squasher’s Pocket Guide


Since the Addernotch Station House has been around for a spell, it’s easy fer a new Slug-Squasher ta feel overwhelmed with all the rituals, vocabulary, alliances, and such that have become second nature t’ many of us over time.


As such, here’s a guide t’ help ya along.  Iffin’ there’s anything yer curious about that ya don’t see here, jes ask! 


General Notations:

Station House: 4 Brookbank Lane, Addernotch, Shire Homesteads

- any Bounders that don’t have a place of their own are welcome to bunk at the Station House.

- Slug-Squashers can only access the larder, potion chest and the armory at the Station House during Inspections.  Other times, they may politely inquire of any member or officer who may be around at that time to help them get the things stored within.

- You will note when in the Station House that full Bounders and officers kiss the warg in the front entrance.  This has to do with buttoning, and has a story behind it.  Slug-Squashers are not required to kiss the warg.


Slug-Squashers' Corner: 1, 2 & 3 Myrtle Court, Addernotch, Shire Homesteads 

- Although designed more specifically for Slug-Squasher's use, it is open to all Bounders, regardless of rank.

- 1 Myrtle Ct. (Luckyfoots) houses reputation items. 2 Myrtle Ct. (Daffodillia) houses the armaments.  3 Myrtle Ct. (Slugsquashers) houses food, scrolls and tokens for 1-39 trainings.

- If you ever forget the addresses, there is a note pinned on Daffodilia's name on the roster.

- The Clubhouse (3 Myrtle) itself is affectionately known as the "Slug-House" or "Slughouse".  All Squashers have decorating rights there should they choose to use them.


The Bounder Hauberk and Hat, as well as the Bounder Shirriff’s equivalents: There is no set uniform, regardless of what Officer Ayrhawk may say.  The Bounder Hauberk can be purchased from the Outfitter in Stock.  Hats must be earned from various tasks and deeds in the Shire.  It is rare that you’ll find anyone in the Bounders wearing a Shirriff’s equivalent of the Hauberk, but it’s not unheard of.  If for some reason you lose your Bounder cap and prefer that as your lid, speak to one of the Officers or the Chief, and they will help you get a replacement.


Inspections: We hold them every Saturday at noon sharp ST* by the Michel Delving Station House unless otherwise specified.  When Inspections are held at the Addernotch Station House, they are outside during the day and in the Chief’s Office inside at night.  The first Wednesday of each month we have Mid-Week Musters which are Inspections that are held at Mustering Hill*.  Be sure to polish up your shields, bang out any dings on your weapons, and let nary a stitch be caught astray when showing up for inspections.  During Inspections, you will notice that Officers use various sword like implements in their salutations to whomever is running Inspections (usually the Chief) after he/she greets them similarly, this is a tradition going back time before mind.  Regular Members and Slug-Squashers are given and return regular salutes, also a tradition going back time before mind.


Planning Ahead: If there is a need for a muster to accomplish a greater task, time has proven that assistance is more assured if one picks a date and time for said task, and announces it at Inspections and/or on the Bulletins.


Staying in the Know: Inspections are a solid way to keep informed as to the goings on.  The Chief usually sends out a weekly Bulletin via the Quick Post with the week’s upcoming events which are occasionally appended in later Posts iffin’ he’s not been told in time for the weekly bulletin.  Lastly, the Calendar here on the Bulletins will usually keep you apprised of major upcoming events. 


Helpful Odds n’ Ends:

Bylaws: Addernotch Station Bylaws and Organization, as noted by retired Fourth Shiriif Rumache

Dictionary: started by Dinkum, and added to as needs be

Gazetteer: started by Falibrand, and added to as needs be

Personal Files: Where Bounders post their stories, achievements and related

Calendar: A handy quick place ta check fer upcoming events, business, et al

Button Information: A handy list made with much hard work by our very own Lyonardo to unnerstand where certain buttons come from and what significance they have

Bounder Crafters: Where you can post yer crafting talents as well as seek out someone who might be able to help ya with a crafting item ya can't make yerself


Bounder Run Venues:

The Oak n’ Barrel: Our very own tavern, located at 4 Myrtle Court, Addernotch, Shire Homesteads

The Bounder Museum of Antiquities: Our museum, curated by Lyonardo, located at 5 Harrow Road, Addernotch, Shire Homesteads

Dampdale:  Dampdale is a Shire Neighborhood used by the Bounders (particularly Quarterfolks), Moot, and others depending.  See the Map Room in our Gallery.


Bounder Events in a sort of organized order, all times are ST*:

Moot Meet: 1st Saturday of every month (less it's a Holly Day), starts at 6:30pm.  Mootians meet to share events, say hullo, catch up with folks, etc.

Fellowship Discussions: 3rd Saturday of every month, starts at 6:30pm.  The topic rotates monthly, check calendar for each month's topic.

Chicken Races: almost always run by the Chief’s nephew Meadowlark: see calendar

Chicken Escorts: helping Chickens reach their destinations everywhere in Middle Earth: see calendar

Fry Day: fishing and cooking by Bywater Bridge: see calendar

Open Mic Nights: Occasionally held on Thursday at the Oak n’ Barrel: see calendar

Hiders n’ Seekers: Held within the Shire’s Bounds: see calendar

Theatricals: see calendar

Recipe Swaps: see calendar, held quarterly in Dampdale


Bounder-friend Events in a sort of organized order, all times are ST*:

The Green Hill Music Society Concerts: Started by our own Falibrand, this is an inter-kin band holds concerts at the Burd n’ Baby every other Tuesday at 9:00 pm.

Good Deed Night: 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturdays of each month, the Good Deeders meet at Musterin' Hill and decide where to do Good Deeds after meeting at 8:00 pm.

Ales and Tales: A traveling song, dance, ale, tale and more event run by the Lonely Mountain Band every Monday at 9:30 pm. (Nibbles and Nobs starting at 8:30 pm.)

Sons of Numenor Market: An open air market at the Boar Fountain in Bree which is help every 3rd Saturday a' the month.  Open to the public from 8-10pm.

Walk to Rivendell: usually meets outside the Prancing Pony, a walk to Rivendell with stops at all stables along the way: see calendar

Various other events of all sorts: see calendar


Shire Regional Inn ((aka Regional Channel in the Shire proper)):

We often use and encourage the use of the Regional Inn Carrier Pigeons (both the special Festival Inns as well as the regular Shire Inn) in a proper conversational manner ((meaning: treat it as an RP channel)).  We do not, however, "school" others if they do not follow suit.  We find it's best t' let other folks do what works fer em.  We like t' set an example or even show another way, as it were, by doing what we do, not try to force or bully others to do as we do.

* As explained in the Dictionary, ST stands for Shire Time ((aka Server Time, which can always be found by typing /servertime when in game)).


[The Slug-Squasher's Pocket Guide may be altered,  addendummed and edited as needed.]