Flippy Books! ((YouTube))

Hullo, Folks!

For a while, certain Bounders and their friends have been gettin' ta makin' these fancy 'flippy books' as a way of lettin' other folks see some of the wonderful times, adventures and music we've shared. Please enjoy the ones posted here, an' do come back... I believe the list will definitely grow with time. Seems this is quite the fad!  

A special note of thanks to the multi-talented Miss Floradine of the Lonely Mountain Band who so wonderfully captured the performance of "The Tale of Blanco and Marco and the Founding of the Shire" which was written by the lovely and talented Miss Perlina and peformed by a host of Hobbits and tall folk alike.



((The Bounders YouTube can be directly accessed via http://www.youtube.com/BoundersOfTheShire

Anyone who would like videos added to the page or linked to from there, such as our friends from the Moot, please send a PM to Dyanthus with the details.))

Bounders and Friends during 6th Anniversary Celebrations
Flippy Book of the Play "The Tale of Marco and Blanco and the Founding of the Shire" by Perlina
Lyonardo's Song