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re: Walk to Rivendell (RP event)

Once again, the Leaves of Laurelin folk will be hosting a walk to Rivendell on Sunday, May 17th, meeting outside the South Gate of Bree at 6:30pm, Bywater Time.  [Sorry, Ruthie!  We had a devil of a time finding a good slot due to all the holly days in May and usual events as well.]

For those folks who have never been on one before, it is a delightful stroll with folks from all walks of life attending.  As the walk originally started as a way to help low levels get stable points on the way to and at Rivendell, there will be stops with brief breaks along the way to do the same.  We will not be stopping at every stable in the Trollshaws, just the usual that aren't terribly far from the path.  (I'm still not sure if we will stop at Barachan's Camp or not, as that didn't used to have a stable yet is still fairly close to the East Road.)

This walk is exactly that, a walking pace group travel.  Some folk do ride steeds at a walk, but the overall pace is set by the walkers.  Sometimes people tell stories along the way; exchange jokes and jibes; or even play "I spy" and the like. 

The entire walk will assuredly take quite a while.  This is not a hunter waggon ride.  Feel free to come and go as you can if you cannot attend the full walk. 

((We will have Walk Raids set up to ease communication along so stretched out of a train of folk, though we do not use the voice.  Some folk use their out of game voice (TS/Vent/et al) as they like. 

There will be folks who will ensure we do not lose any lower trainings folk along the way due to foes in the wilds so long as the lowers are not Leeroy Jenkins.

We ask that folk please refrain from using speed boosts to alleviate different fellowed groups bumping into each other any more than already happens from lag and such.

We also ask that if you plan to goof with friends using AOE forced emotes, then please do so at a safe distance from others.  We hope that you refrain from using any forced emotes on strangers.  Accidents happen, but we'd like to keep things easy going overall.))

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