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re: Housing Contest: 'Freestyle' Spring Edition


Housing Contest: 'Freestyle' Spring Edition


The next iteration of our housing contest, this time with no theme specified -- so you can choose your own style or theme for your house (or none). Entry into the contest closes when voting starts, and then all kin members can vote on the houses in the contest to let me know their top 3 picks (you award a Gold, Silver, and Bronze to 3 different houses) for the entire week after the tour, and then at the end I tally up the points and award prizes to the 3 houses that won the most points. There will be pets, cosmetics, and some adventurer items (starlits/scrolls of empowerment/etc) as rewards, chosen from a set of options by the winners. I'll also have a raffle prize awarded to the voters.


Also I'm going to try a new option -- video tours! So housing owners, please include in your comment to sign up (or you can mail in-game or message me on the website) whether or not you give your permission for us to video your house during the tour event, which means it'll capture our commentary where we point different things out about each house. If you don't want the tour event recorded for your house, I'll come back after the tour to record a commentary-free video. If there are specific things about your house that you would like included or highlighted in the video, or if you would like to be involved in the video making process in any way, please let me know and I'll coordinate a time with you.


NOTE: The commentary will only be recorded if we have the permission from both the home owner AND all the participants on the tour, but usually the tour is a lot of fun and we spend so much time oooh-ing and aahh-ing over different cool things about the houses that it would be neat if we were able to capture it. In any case, we'll have a video of the house so kinnies can "tour" the houses even without going on the tour.

Contest dates:

<> Contest Entry Open: now until Saturday Apr 10th, 2021, at 09:00am /servertime. Leaving a comment enters you into the contest with your commented house.

<> Contest Tour: Saturday Apr 10th, 2021, at 10:00am /servertime -- and possibly a 2nd tour on Sunday Apr 11th, 2021, at 10:00am /servertime. Signing up on this event on the calendar means you want to attend the tour.

<> Voting Period: from Saturday Apr 10th to Apr 18th, 2021

SPECIAL NOTE: We ask that all contestants leave their houses unchanged during the voting period so voters have a chance to come see their house.



To sign up please add a comment below with your:

Homestead - Neighborhood- Street and Number (Example: Bree- Flintodown- 5 Long Street)

Permission for video tour commentary - yes / no



Please make sure that you enter your settings as follows to allow your kinmates entry to view your home:


Character -> House -> Chosen Address -> Permissions -> Everyone -> Check Visitor, Use Decorations





People can sign up by sending their address info in-game to Aelieryn.


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re: Housing Contest: 'Freestyle' Spring Edition

oh I wish we had about  3 times the amount of house hooks available. 
I think, one of my best it the Ward End ( Chalk 3  Whitwich )  with the bar I did.  I wish I could put all that in my Eastfold house on the Hill.


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re: Housing Contest: 'Freestyle' Spring Edition



Our housing contest voting period is now OPEN! To vote send me your top 3 picks -- a Gold, Silver, and Bronze -- and say either the contestant's name, the house owner name, or the address next to each medal. You can send me a message on the kin website with your vote, or you can send your vote in an in-game mail to Aelieryn, or a new way this time, you can send a DM to me on Discord.



How to send your vote:

 - Kin website message to Aelieryn

 - In-game mail to Aelieryn

 - Discord DM to Aelieryn#5978



 - To send a message on the kin website (for those with an alt in the Alliance) with your vote use the envelope icon in the upper right, then choose Member in the first drop-down, then in the second drop-down box choose Aelieryn.

 - To send a message on Discord (for those with an alt in the Alliance or who connect to our discord at, you can find my name in the chat in the lotro-lounge (or under Officer - LOTRO on the far right pane), right click on my name and then select Message.

 - To send a message on discord (when NOT connected to the Alliance discord), I think you have to click on the Discord icon on the top left bar, then click on Friends (on the left pane), Add Friend (on top bar), and then type in the non-server-specific name Aelieryn#5978. After that you should be able to send me a DM -- not sure if there is a way without adding me as a friend.


Vote examples:


Gold - 7 Fairwood Lane, Langlin, Falathlorn  (address example)

Silver - Home of Okoye  (owner example)

Bronze - Patmustard (contestant's name example)


Please be sure to say which award (Gold/Silver/Bronze) for each, with Gold being worth more points and your top pick. I'll be using the same system as the EB/BB point awards Gold = 3 pts, Silver = 2 pts, Bronze 1 pt, and whichever house has the most points wins the top prize, 2nd highest gets the second prize, and 3rd highest gets the third prize. The voting raffle prize is done by random number -- you can either pick a random number between 1 and 1000, or I'll give you a random number, and whichever voter is closest to the target number wins the raffle prize.



==== Contest Houses (grouped by neighborhood): ====


[Contestant] - [Homestead] - [Neighborhood] - [Address] - [Home Owner]

Nemethrien - Bree - Codnor - 4 Garden St - home of Nerwena

Alonhere - Bree - Mereden - 2 Long St - home of Alonhere

Scharf - Bree - Folchet - 6 Long St - home of Scharfp

Faina - Belfalas - Andir - 1 Cape Rd - home of Faina

Oakfen - Belfalas - Nelnan - 3 Cape Rd - home of Nimbien

Victoriella - Belfalas - Aglombel, 6 Bay Rd - home of Belwyth

Baxius - Belfalas - Sirbar- 7 Bay Rd - home of Baxius

Feldoret - Falathlorn - Tum Laden - 4 Twinfall Path - home of Feldoret

Florette - Kingstead - Walgrove - 1 Mare St - home of Annahilde

Fordil - Kingstead - Glanover - 1 Mare St - home of Fordil


The voting period is just over one week and lasts from now until 10am /servertime on Tuesday, Apr 20th.



==== How to visit/view houses in the contest: ====


1 - Use the Kinmember Visit Skill (for those with Alliance alt)

 - Open your socials window (default key is O) and click on the Kin tab

 - Find the kinmember's name in the list, and left click on them to select

 - If the kinmember is not online, uncheck the Online box, then click on the Name column to sort all names alphabetically (first click starts from Z, click again to start from A), left click on their name to select

 - Click on the Visit button at the bottom of the panel


2 - Use the Housing Broker Office in Bree

 - Between the Town Hall and the Jail in Bree, you'll see a green banner icon on the minimap.

 - Head to that spot and go in the door, and inside you'll see housing brokers for each homestead area.

 - Next to each broker, there is a book sitting on the table/shelf next to the Broker, and clicking on that book will pop up the neighborhood select for that area.

 - Type in the top box to filter for that neighborhood, highlight the one you want to visit and then click the Enter button.


3 - Try to join a housing tour

My scheduled tour is usually on the first Saturday of the voting period, but I'm probably going to put another tour up on the calendar for some day during the next week or next weekend (the last weekend of the voting period). Please let me know if you're interested in joining a tour along with your availability.


4 - Watch the video tour

Still editing, but coming soon!



aelieryn — Yesterday at 5:11 AM

==== Prizes: ====

The prizes are pooled together, and each winner gets to take their picks from the pool. As items are removed, I'll add in new things, until everyone gets their prizes. Note: I only have 2 each of the ithilharn shard and rime of the anvil, so once they're gone they won't be available for the next winner to pick.


1st Place - 150g, first pick from the prize pools, 3 from the cosmetics/pets and 1 from adventuring supplies

2nd Place - 150g, 3 from the cosmetics/pets and 1 from adventuring supplies

3rd Place - 100g, 3 from the cosmetics/pets and 1 from adventuring supplies

Voter Raffle - 100g, 3 from the cosmetics/pets and 1 from adventuring supplies


Adventuring supply Choices (winner can choose only 1):

 - 1 ithilharn shard (limited supply!), or

 - 1 rime of the anvil (limited supply!), or

 - 3 anfalas starlit crystals, or

 - 10 scrolls of empowerment, or

 - 20 small reputation acceleration tomes, or

 - 1 additional prize from pets/cosmetics



Pets, cosmetics, etc Choices (winner can pick 3):

 - little mumak (

 - Swarm of Bees(

 - hedgehog (

 - silver dragon kite (

 - purple firefly (

 - grim (

 - black cat (

 - brown rabbit (

 - moth kite (

 - garments of the storied warrior (

 - ornamented anniversary garment (

 - gala-worthy yule garment giftbox (

 - garments of the autumn traveler (

 - Midsummer Garments Selection Box (

 - Burnt Scroll Case, rare single-use recipe from Draigoch (



Added to pool as items are taken:

 - tamed variag hound (

 - Gourd-lurker (

 - Gondor Midsummer Kite (

 - shadow grim (

 - Blue Peacock (

 - woodland rabbit (

 - Oaken Kite (

 - Little Spotted Pig (

 - Black Peahen (

 - Harbinger of the Sage's Storm (

 - Leaf-fall Kite (

 - Snowy Barn Owl (



Good luck to all our contestants and their lovely homes! 


==== End of voting details ====================================================



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re: Housing Contest: 'Freestyle' Spring Edition

I now have a playlist showing all the housing tour videos, which you can find here:


Note: some videos aren't in their final state yet and will be tweaked slightly in the near future.


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re: Housing Contest: 'Freestyle' Spring Edition

==Housing Contest voting period extended==

Given that several people have been trying to see the houses but haven't had enough time yet to send in their votes or finish viewing the houses, I'm going to extend the voting period by 3 more days. So everyone has until 10am /servertime on Friday April 23rd to check out the houses and send in their votes.

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