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re: Rune-Keeper Class Discussion 6-7-20

Meadowlarke says, 'Well, it's officially starting time.'

Meadowlarke says, 'So, what do you want to know?'

Lerillos says, ':)'

Lerillos says, 'her eis da'

Porkloin says, 'where do you keep you rmoney?'

Lerillos says, 'dag*'

Molee says, 'You guys have critters to help you right?'

Lerillos says, 'thats loremaster'

Meadowlarke says, 'I was told to put my money in the bank for safe keeping, so I buried it on the shores of The Water.'

Molee says, 'oh fiddle. that's right.'

Porkloin says, 'hobbits are not critters'

Meadowlarke says, 'Rock wizards have rocks.'

Lerillos says, 'lots and lots of rocks'

Meadowlarke says, 'We study Lore Masters in September.'

Meadowlarke says, 'There are three types of rocks. Soothing rocks. Zapper rocks. And hot rocks.'

You say, 'What's between now and then?'

Porkloin says, 'and pop rocks'

Molee says, 'JUly and August.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Oh, Champions in July. Then Captains. Then Lore Masters. Then Bear Folks.'

Meadowlarke says, 'What are pop rocks and how are they different from the others?'

Meadowlarke says, 'Is there a fourth type of rock? What do they do?'

You say, 'Just the three.'

Burnheart says, 'I think it was a joke.'

Porkloin says, 'you pop it on an orc's head.'

Molee says, 'oh hobbits got those too.'

Burnheart says, 'Fulgurite, Volcanic, and Rune of Restoration.'

You say, 'We should discuss each trait tree separately. Which should we do first?'

Molee says, 'Holy nuggets.'

Burnheart says, 'Benediction of Peace is a different beast entirely from the other two trait trees.'

Meadowlarke says, 'THE CARPET!'

You say, 'Don't worry. It'll come out of the carpet.'

Lerillos says, 'WOW!!!!'

Meadowlarke says, 'I just signed the maintenance contracts for this place. They were overdue.'

Alawon says, 'Pretty'

Burnheart says, 'A discussion of that tree would be a discussion of good healing in general.'

Porkloin says, 'I can hel the carpet.'

Lerillos says, 'that was quite a demonstration!'

Meadowlarke says, 'Which tree?'

Burnheart says, 'Benediction of Peace. Healing.'

You say, 'Blue is healing. The other two are damaging.'

Burnheart says, 'Or as I like to think of it, "Burning in Reverse"'

Meadowlarke says, 'Okay, healing. We're now discussing the soothing rock wizard.'

Meadowlarke says, 'What tricks do people use for minstrelling as a rock wizard.'

Burnheart says, 'The first thing I would mention applies to all three trees.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Okay . . . settle down. It's getting a bit noisy.'

You say, 'But it's soothing.'

Porkloin says, 'I said nothing...'

Burnheart says, 'Make sure you get the 3rd point in the skill that allows you to place the rune-stone at a distance ASAP.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Why?'

Burnheart says, 'Because... it lets you place the rune-stone at a distance.'

Porkloin says, 'I don't see such a trait to put the rock at a distance. What's it called?'

Burnheart says, 'Without it, the stone appears where you are standing.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Oh. That's what it does.'

Lerillos says, 'why do you want it at adistance and why asap>'

You say, 'I go back and forth on that. Sometimes I like having placeable rocks. And sometimes I don't.'

Burnheart says, 'In healing, it is the Rune of Endurance trait'

You say, 'I't the 3 point in your rock skill.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Like having throwable traps for a hunter.'

Burnheart says, 'In fire, it is Molten Rock'

Porkloin says, 'oh, I need more points for that'

Burnheart says, 'In lightning, it is Statically Charged'

Meadowlarke says, 'Oh . . . . I learned something about rock wizards in the past year.'

Meadowlarke says, 'I can minstrel to their rocks.'

Dagdalin says, 'In blue, it's Rune of Endurance.'

Burnheart says, 'Now, that I did not know. Good.'

You say, 'Having to place rocks does take time. And you lose your target.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Iffen a creature is eating your rock I can heal it and keep it from getting eaten.'

Burnheart says, 'There is a trick'

Porkloin says, 'it will still sink into the ground eventually.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Hedgerow does that for the Eclairian rock wizards all the time.'

Burnheart says, 'If you click the skill twice, it places the stone wherever your cursor is at.'

Burnheart says, 'The range of the skill is quite important.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Hullo.'

Burnheart says, 'That is about how far away you can place it.'

Meadowlarke says, 'We're discussing rock placement.'

Gloriadh says, 'Hello!'

Burnheart says, 'I always open with the stone.'

Lerillos says, 'theya re throwing rocks about, glo'

Gloriadh says, 'uh-oh'

Dagdalin says, 'I do, too, Burnheart.'

Burnheart says, 'The stones grab attention.'

Meadowlarke says, 'I should have held this discussion outside . . . in the grass.'

Burnheart says, 'If you are being overwhelmed, drop the stone and run.'

Meadowlarke says, 'That's an idea. A diversion.'

Lerillos says, '8'

Meadowlarke says, 'A short head start can save a life.'

Porkloin says, 'I'm building towards that trait, but I needed points in mending verse first.'

Burnheart says, 'The lightning stone stuns, which is especially handy for escapes.'

Burnheart says, 'As a rune-keeper there is no shame in retreating before an overwhelming foe.'

Meadowlarke says, 'If it lives long enough. I understand that's a problem with the zap rock. It can die before the zap.'

You say, 'When I'm healing, I don't have my stun stone placeable. I figure I want to stun those around me, so just need to click the skill and it appears wherever I am.'

Burnheart says, 'The healing stone is still useful as a diversion.'

Burnheart says, 'If you are being targeted, drop the rune stone near you and the foe will turn to it.'

You say, 'Not you, Chief.'

You say, 'Sorry.'

Lerillos says, 'its like the decoy. thye opposition flocks to it'

Burnheart says, 'At any rate, rune-stones. Learn it, love it, leave it behind when an orc is trying to eat your face.'

Dagdalin says, 'It depends on what you're up against, Meadowlarke. If I've got a bunch of enemies around me, it may not survive, but most of the time I get at least one strike from it.'

Meadowlarke says, 'The only weapon a rock wizard has is a rock.'

You say, 'No weapons, no.'

You say, 'Not even a bread knife.'

Burnheart says, 'My [Rune-keeper's Stone of the Second Age] does minimal damage as a weapon.'

Molee says, 'So no swords?'

Burnheart says, 'However, you can equip items like an [Exceptional Savant's Sharp Chisel of Lightning] to enhance your skills.'

Burnheart says, 'Only runes.'

Burnheart says, 'Runes are all one needs.'

Meadowlarke says, 'No nothing. They can't even hold a slice of pie.'

Molee says, 'Eep.'

Burnheart says, 'Swords are inelegant.'

You say, 'Chisels would hurt if you throw them hard enough.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Everything depends on the rock.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Oh! Chisels! Explain chisels.'

Burnheart says, 'Items that go into your Ranged slot.'

Meadowlarke says, 'What are the best ones? What do they do? How do you spell it?'

Burnheart says, 'You can craft them.'

You say, 'I like the ligntning one. [Minas Ithil Chisel of Lightning]'

Burnheart says, 'Or rather a Metalsmith can craft them.'

Burnheart says, 'Agreed.'

Burnheart says, 'I have a [Exceptional Savant's Sharp Chisel of Lightning] right now.'

Dagdalin says, 'If folks need chisels or rifflers, I can make them.'

Burnheart says, 'Chisels can enhance your Tactical Mastery, Critical Chance, give Vitality, etc.'

Burnheart says, 'For most Rune-Keepers, Criticals are vital.'

Burnheart says, 'Healing and in combat.'

Dagdalin says, 'Speaking of which, I do need to make another one for myself.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Do you only keep the one? Or do you carry two or three or six for different purposes?'

Burnheart says, 'The damage your stone does as an auto-attack is minimal compared to your skills.'

You say, 'So for healing, I find I don't use Epic for the Ages very often, just because it has such a long induction. I use mostly the heals over time.'

Burnheart says, 'Rifflers enhance healing, I believe.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Gad! What's a riffler?'

Dagdalin says, 'I've got two. One for Lightning and one for fire. I do need to work on getting a second bag at some point.'

You say, 'I made myself a [Minas Ithil Riffler of Hope], but I don't use it. I thnk the crit from the Lightning helps as much as the 100% prelude heal.'

Burnheart says, 'I agree. I prefer to have the Critical enhancements.'

Burnheart says, 'Critical heals are what save Fellowships.'

Porkloin says, 'I have a [Exceptional Student's Sharp Riffler of Writs], which is ok for me either healing or damaging. So far it's good enough.'

Burnheart says, 'The riffler is just an alternate item to the Chisel.'

Burnheart says, 'Different effects.'

Burnheart says, 'You just have to find one that suits you.'

Molee says, 'Oh.'

Lerillos says, 'is there adifference between them?'

Burnheart says, 'They each enhance different things.'

Lerillos says, 'oh, i see'

You say, 'There are. I think there are 3 of each type, and just have different stats on them.'

Burnheart says, 'I was wrong in that Rifflers are not just for healing, but most rifflers I've seen have a bonus to one specific Healing skill called Prelude to Hope'

Porkloin says, 'I was not sure about the difference between "of fire" and "of lightning" as the stats look to be identical.'

Burnheart says, 'Prelude to Hope is a healing skill that targets yourself if you don't have anyone else targeted.'

Burnheart says, 'And you can use it while running.'

Gloriadh says, 'Nice!'

Burnheart says, 'I think those differences are left over from long ago.'

You say, 'Yes! Good one to use as you're running away....errr... I mean.. running towards the fight.'

Molee says, 'That's useful.'

Burnheart says, 'Before the trait trees, Rune-Keepers had to switch equipment to focus on fire, lightning, or healing I believe.'

Lerillos says, 'yes they did'

Lerillos says, 'and ice'

Porkloin says, 'so basically one chisel type with different names, and 3 riffler types?'

You say, 'Chisels have different stats, too.'

Burnheart says, 'Yes.'

Burnheart says, 'Think of them as a type of pocket item.'

You say, 'Lightning is crit and mastery. But I don't remember what the others are.'

Burnheart says, 'They take your Ranged Slot but don't do anything by themselves, just enhance your abilities.'

Meadowlarke says, 'They take the places of bows, right?'

Porkloin says, 'oh yes, I see the difference now, power regen versus crit.'

Porkloin says, 'versus finesse.'

Burnheart says, 'It is handy if you use a [Stone of the Tortoise], as you don't sacrifice as much enhancement as other classes would with that item.'

You say, 'Bubbles!'

Burnheart says, 'Excuse you.'

Porkloin says, 'So a chisel of lightning with crit on it might be better than a riffler with prelude of hope?'

You say, 'Bubbles are nice, but they do return you to neutral attunement. And we heal more the attunement we have.'

Burnheart says, 'I prefer it, yes Porkloin.'

You say, 'Same.'

You say, 'It says 100% prelude initial healing, but it's more like 50 actual percent.'

You say, 'For some reason.'

Porkloin says, 'Metalworkers are bad at math.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Let's talk about being alone in the wilderness . . . . besides using rocks for a decoy . . . how do you survive?'

Burnheart says, 'I fought my way through Moria solo and at -5 levels under. I quickly switched to a chisel of lightning and sold my riffler.'

You say, 'I go from 12k heal to 17k heal with it.'

Lerillos says, 'maybe the fact that it is initial healing has somethign to do with its percentage?'

You say, 'Well, we've been talking about healing line. And you're probably not going out in the wilderness alone in heal line.'

Burnheart says, 'Perhaps, but whether healing or damage, criticals are your bread and butter.'

Porkloin says, 'I just burn things a lot. Or run away and drop a rock then use prelude on myself.'

You say, 'We do have a few damage skills in heal line, but they won't do much damage.'

Burnheart says, 'There is a VITALLY IMPORTANT skill that all Rune-Keepers have for their fellows.'

You say, 'And while we're damaging, we do have a few heal skills to use.'

Burnheart says, 'Do Not Fall This Day. It is available whether healing or damaging.'

Lerillos says, 'hey bo:)'

You say, 'Very important.'

Porkloin says, 'I have not earned it yet.'

Bothur says, 'Hi everyone, sorry I am late'

You say, 'Welcome, Bo!'

Burnheart says, 'It places an effect on a party member.'

Dagdalin says, 'I usually open with Distracting Flame after placing my firestone. Then build attunement from there until I can use smouldering wrath, which usually knocks out what I'm fighting.'

Lerillos says, 'come have a seat'

Burnheart says, 'When they are Defeated, it automatically revives them.'

Porkloin says, 'I spend most time in the Great Barrows, and I find I am sometimes both group healer and the tank... So I will heal while battle attuned.'

Dagdalin says, 'There's also Scribe a New Ending, which removes wounds, poisons and such.'

Burnheart says, '5 minute cooldown. Always keep it on your teammate.'

You say, 'It's like a pre-rez. You just need to know who is most likely to die.'

Porkloin says, 'It's whoever Kaleigh is healing.'

Dagdalin says, 'And Break The Bonds, which helps with dazes and stuns.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Roy says that he can keep his Do Not Fall on two folks at once.'

Burnheart says, 'Do Not Fall is our only in-combat revive.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Roy is an Eclairian.'

You say, 'You can, if you have the legacy for it. You can lower the cooldown on DNF so you can put it on two people at once.'

Porkloin says, 'He's not a nougat?'

Burnheart says, 'You can. It has a 5 minute cooldown but apparently a much longer duration.'

Burnheart says, 'Or a shorter cooldown with the right items, apparently.'

You say, 'No, it's a 5 minute duration, but you can get it to 2:20 cooldown with the legacy.'

Meadowlarke says, 'That might be it. A magical runestone or bag.'

You say, 'So if you were in a raid with 12 people, and six of them were RKs, everyone could get their own DNF.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Eclairians report it has been extremely handy. Definitely one of the best skills.'

Burnheart says, 'It may be a rare Legacy, I have yet to find a satchel with it.'

Meadowlarke says, 'It don't work if the rune keeper is defeated though.'

You say, 'True.'

You say, 'Any more healing questions?'

Burnheart says, 'As for healing with Runes in general, your major healing is done with Heal Over Time, bubbles, and auras.'

Porkloin says, 'yes.'

You say, 'Or can we move on to the fun stuff. Doing damage!'

Burnheart says, 'One last word on Healing.'

Porkloin says, 'Writs vs other healing skills. Just an extra to use to toss in, or are they special in some way?'

You say, 'Right. And Our Fates Entwined is very handy (though not as good as it used to be)'

Burnheart says, 'Essay of Exaltation and Exalted are very good traits, further down the tree. They are very powerful.'

You say, 'Just another heal, as far as I know.'

You say, 'Every trait tree has it's own writ. Fire, lightning, healing.'

Porkloin says, 'I just try to get some of each healing over time on whoever needs it, and keep repeating'

Burnheart says, 'Most Rune Keeper writs have stacking effects'

Lerillos says, 'oh, so it is the degree that differs one tree from the others?'

Meadowlarke says, 'Are rune keepers better at minstrelling to a single person or a group?'

Burnheart says, 'The more you have on a target the more it affects them.'

Burnheart says, 'I would say about the same, but they excel at healing groups.'

You say, 'Single. Best single target healers around.'

Burnheart says, 'Hah!'

Burnheart says, 'Well, we are excellent healers regardless.'

Burnheart says, 'As long as you aren't dead, it doesn't matter.'

You say, 'We do have some group heals, but minstrels would be a bit better there.'

Burnheart says, 'All I know is when I heal, all I see are waves of green flashing up off folks.'

Meadowlarke says, 'It used to be that iffen there was a minstrel and a rock wizard, the minstrel would minstrel to the group and the rock wizard would minstrel to the tank.'

You say, 'Some of our group healing is in the way of damage reduction. Like bubbles or fates entwined.'

You say, 'So I guess we do have 4 runestones, counting Fates.'

Burnheart says, 'I suppose single target might be more powerful.'

Lerillos says, 'why are some bubbles green and some yellow?'

Burnheart says, 'Again, criticals are very important. Many healing skills will heal a group if they critical on a single target.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Well, we should talk about damaging.'

You say, 'Most bubbles are green, right? Who does the yellow bubble?'

Meadowlarke says, 'I am still curious as to how rune keepers handle things when they are alone.'

Alawon says, 'eek'

You say, 'Oh. I guess that's yellow.'

Burnheart says, 'We kill everything.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Oh, we don't even need to be fellowshipped.'

Meadowlarke says, 'That's odd.'

You say, 'Nope. Not for that one.'

Meadowlarke says, 'What does that do.'

You say, '(It's the one that crashed Weatherstock when someone did it up there. It's since been changed).'

Burnheart says, 'When someone dragged that disease back from Shelob into the towns, Runekeepers dropped healing stones at the locations to save folks.'

You say, 'It's just damage reduction.'

Lerillos says, 'i wish folkw would quit exploiting'

Meadowlarke says, 'Okay . . . on the topic of how to handle things when you are alone.'

Burnheart says, 'For combat, you need to decide if you are killing one target quickly, or several targets marginally less quickly.'

Meadowlarke says, 'What do you do when you've got no help? How do you survive?'

Burnheart says, 'If I want to melt a group, I use fire.'

You say, 'For Fire, it really is kill them before they kill you. Lightning has some stuns.'

Porkloin says, 'Help? We don't need help.'

Burnheart says, 'If I want to melt a group but let the ones I haven't melted yet consider their impending fate for a few seconds, I use lightning.'

You say, 'Runestones can help draw attention away from you, as we talked about before.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Lightning seems to be more groupy helpy stuff and less aloney survivy stuff.'

Burnheart says, 'Lightning is the single-target, high damage trait.'

Porkloin says, 'No, lightnign tends to let you be more mobile, fire you have to stand still more.'

Burnheart says, 'And most skills can be used on the run.'

You say, 'I'd say lightning is more friendly while alone.'

Burnheart says, 'Fire is the Damage over Time trait, and you must be still while using them.'

Dagdalin says, 'And you don't have to worry as much about fire reflect damage with lightning.'

Porkloin says, 'I haven't used lightning much though'

Lerillos says, 'do you ever use ice, or is that a bygone choice'

Burnheart says, 'I would recommend trying it.'

Burnheart says, 'Lightning excels in critical hits.'

Burnheart says, 'It is not uncommon to one-shot a foe with a crit or devastating hit.'

Porkloin says, 'I'm mostly just in instances though at the moment.'

You say, 'We have a few skills that will do frost damage, but it's not something that you would focus on.'

Porkloin says, 'the side effect of frost isn't highly useful either.'

You say, 'Your damage will either come from fire or lightning, depending on which trait tree.'

Burnheart says, 'Frost skills are mostly support to other skills.'

Lerillos says, 'oh, ok'

You say, 'Lightning was very, very powerful until a few months ago when they changed some things, but it's still very good.'

Burnheart says, 'There is one that is useful for lowering incoming healing. Some slows, some AOE but your fire and lightning are where you will be concentrating.'

Burnheart says, 'It was very, very powerful. Now it is merely very powerful.'

You say, 'Right.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Everything we learn today is subject to change without notice.'

Burnheart says, 'I didn't even start using lightning until after the nerf, and it is ridiculous.'

Sweetbroom says, 'Hello all. Sorry to be late.'

You say, 'Yes, I've still been using lightning.'

Burnheart says, 'I use Fire if I am fighting creatures that are much higher level than me.'

Burnheart says, 'Because once the Damage over Time sticks, it helps mitigate the Deflections that higher level foes have.'

Burnheart says, 'Higher level and more powerful, I mean. Like bosses.'

Burnheart says, 'Lightning can deflect 3-4 times but on the 5th hit do ten thousand damage and kill a +5 level orc.'

You say, 'Lightning is very easy to use. There's not a whole lot of skills, and you mostly just cycle through them.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Eclairians have special problems.'

Burnheart says, 'Indeed.'

Burnheart says, 'I think it would be helpful to discuss skills and rotations.'

Burnheart says, 'You have some defensive skills to help when someone runs up and starts trying to kill you.'

You say, 'Stun rocks are great to use. Or you can play dead, like the Chief.'

Burnheart says, 'Shocking Touch and Armour of the Elements especially'

Bothur says, 'opps sorry'

Sweetbroom says, 'Hey pyrotechnics inside is dangerous!'

Burnheart says, 'I rarely retreat.'

You say, 'Vivid Imagery as well. it's a stun, plus it does a whole lot of damage.'

Burnheart says, 'If someone runs up to me and I am busy murdering their companion, I briefly switch attention and Shocking Touch them.'

Burnheart says, 'That usually holds them while I finish melting their friend.'

Burnheart says, 'If more than one of their friends has taken umbrage with what I am doing, I use Armour of the Elements.'

Burnheart says, 'It has a chance to reflect their attack and stun them.'

Burnheart says, 'And is also a damage bubble on myself.'

Porkloin says, 'everyone can have that no matter what trait tree.'

Burnheart says, 'Yes'

Burnheart says, 'As well as Shocking Touch'

Burnheart says, 'Get used to using them, they will save you.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Any other tricks?'

Burnheart says, 'It used to be that Runekeepers had to master switching back and forth between being Battle Attuned or Healing Attuned'

You say, 'Stun rock, too! The rock is every 20 seconds, so you can place it often.'

Burnheart says, 'But nowadays most specialize in healing or damage.'

Burnheart says, 'If you are in damage mode, you still have access to healing skills but they don't work if you are "attuned" (that is, having been using your attacks)'

Burnheart says, 'It rarely comes up with proper planning that you need to switch, but maybe it could save a party wipe.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Do you cross-trait across different trees that you would recommend?'

Burnheart says, 'I haven't yet. Points are too sparse at this level still.'

You say, 'Yellow/red and red/yellow, mostly. Those will be the most damagey.'

Burnheart says, 'Yes'

Burnheart says, 'There is a useful crit bonus trait in Flame that would enhance Lightning'

You say, 'One handy skill is Steady Hands. (get it? Handy?)'

You say, 'Say you're attacking away at something and you are full damage attunement....'

You say, 'But then something is attacking you. You can use steady hands (which swaps attunement), then bubble yourself.'

Meadowlarke says, 'I know that Hedgreow has a yellow skill he uses everywhere . . . an anthem. I wondered iffen rock wizards had anything similar.'

Sweetbroom says, 'how effective are you healing when calling for fire or zaps?'

You say, 'Nothing like anthems, I don't think.'

Dagdalin says, 'Not really, no.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Are there any last questions to ask before the discussion formally ends?'

You say, 'Not super great at healing, but we can put a hot on ourself which is a little something to help. (if you trait for it). Or the healing runestone while doing damage (again, if you trait for it)'

Meadowlarke says, 'Informal discussions can continue.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Or, if not informal . . . at least business casual.'

Burnheart says, 'In fire, I can still use Prelude to Hope (HoT), Word of Exaltation (Bubble), Epic for the Ages (big heal), Scribe a New Ending (cure), Do Not Fall This Day'

Alawon says, 'No questions here.'

Porkloin says, 'I don't see a crit bonus under cleansing flame.'

You say, 'Epic and bubble require healing attunement, though. Which is where Steady Hands would help.'

Bothur says, 'thanks for doing the class, I know a bit more'

Molee says, 'It's still a bit confusing for me but I think Rune Keepers are mighty special.'

Lerillos says, 'one question'

Burnheart says, 'Ah I meant Tactical Damage bonus. Deliberate Address.'

Lerillos says, 'what do wyou need form your group in order to be effective?'

Burnheart says, 'Rune-keepers are very squishy.'

Burnheart says, 'Glass Cannons.'

Lerillos says, 'so are unterl minstrels,a nd loremasters'

Burnheart says, 'We are far more.'

Lerillos says, 'hunters*'

Burnheart says, 'We pay for our incredible power with low morale.'

Porkloin says, 'well, minstrels can buff armor a bit, have a shield, and can block. Lore masters have pets to heal them, and a fire armor, but are rooted in place much of the time which is bad.'

Burnheart says, 'Moreso than any other class, I think.'

Lerillos says, 'ohhhhh'

Meadowlarke says, 'And Minstrels can go floppy.'

Burnheart says, 'I have been one-shotted many times. And in several of our Club Eclair adventures, I am the first to fall against a large attack.'

Lerillos says, 'some hnters are failry tough. this oen is quite squishy'

Burnheart says, 'That is why tactics are key.'

Bothur says, 'so having a good tank is needed'

Burnheart says, 'Make use of any buffs you can. Food, scrolls, etc.'

Meadowlarke says, 'Well . . . um . . . most Eclairians have been adventuring for a long time. They are at their maximum for virtues and such.'

Porkloin says, 'huntes have better armor and evade, I think they just need to remember to run away sooner.'

You say, 'There are pluses and minuses to most classes in regard to sturdiness.'

Burnheart says, 'The main thing is to not bite off more than you can chew.'

Burnheart says, 'But you have a very large mouth as a Rune-keeper and can chew quite a lot.'

Porkloin says, 'a dwarf guardian is very sturdy, until you put him into water and he sinks to the bottom.'

Meadowlarke says, 'I kinda liked it better when the classes were more different and we weren't all so replaceable.'

You say, 'Hunters can stand at range most of the time. Lightning RKs have a few short range skills, so we spend some time in melee range. Fire RKs can stay back further.'

Lerillos says, 'what do yu need from the gtroup to help you do your job?'

Burnheart says, 'Most RK skills are 30m range or less'

Burnheart says, 'If I am healing, a good tank and someone to hold aggro.'

You say, 'Hunters will have higher physical mitigation, but RKs usually have higher tactical mit, since Will gives it to us.'

Meadowlarke says, 'She's asked that question a couple of times. What's the answer?'

Porkloin says, 'Mine are all 20/30meters.'

Burnheart says, 'If I am on burning duty, an attentive healer.'

Meadowlarke says, 'It's a good question.'

You say, 'Static Surge and Vivid Imagary are 5 meter range.'

Burnheart says, 'We can self-heal, but it is not always enough against the type of enemies that a fellowship would face.'

You say, 'Imagery*'

Meadowlarke says, 'Lerillos wants to know what you need from the rest of the group.'

Burnheart says, 'We have a lot of AoE skills, several of which are centered only on where we are standing.'

Burnheart says, 'As I said, if healing, we need what any other healer needs.'

Lerillos says, 'you are cetering on what you have, not what youNEED'

Burnheart says, 'A good tank and someone to hold aggro.'

You say, 'If were going Fire, we'd want our LM to use their raven.'

Dagdalin says, 'Basically, we need folks that can keep the enemies' attention off of us and occasionally help with healing.'

Burnheart says, 'If we are in combat mode, perhaps more attention from the healer, as our Morale is often much lower than others.'

Lerillos says, 'this s important, becasue rks appear all powerful'

You say, 'Also, if we're in a group with hunters, we can go fire and help the hunters if they use fire oil.'

Burnheart says, 'We have few skills that lower aggro, so if we are burning things down, we often get everyone's attention.'

Burnheart says, 'We put on a good show.'

Lerillos says, 'hehe...yes you do..and right convincing it is too'

Lerillos says, 'that is wywe need to know hhwwere and how to help'

Burnheart says, 'To sum up: If you want one thing dead very fast, Lightning. If you want several things dead at the same time but just a little slower, Fire.'

Bothur says, 'so if an rk is working with a hunter, the hunter should use fire oil and the rk fire?'

Lerillos says, 'and the group does what it can to keportect you whild you are either fighting or healing or a little of both'

You say, 'That would be a good combo, Bo.'

Porkloin says, 'against a big boss that takes a long time to heal, doesn't fire do more damage?'

You say, 'They would help each other do more damage.'

Porkloin says, 'ernot to heal, to kill'

Lerillos says, 'what about light oils and lightning?'

Burnheart says, 'I find Fire better in that case yes, Porkloin.'

You say, 'No, Lightning damage and Light damage are two different things.'

Lerillos says, '?'

Porkloin says, 'Oh, we have Rune Satchels. Which become legendary later, so maybe nothign special. Except that we have them before Moria too.'

You say, 'At cap, Lightning is still a little better, but it's close.'

Gloriadh says, 'Bye Molee!'

Lerillos says, 'bye molee'

Lerillos says, 'light and lightning differ how?'

Burnheart says, 'Two different types of damage'

Lerillos says, '?'

Meadowlarke says, 'One has a ning.'

Burnheart says, 'Certain enemies are vulnerable to Light specifically'

Porkloin says, 'the difference between a flash light and a flash ligntning?'

You say, 'Light damage is from minstrels.'

Burnheart says, 'Not just Minstrels. Captains and other classes can do Light damage.'

You say, 'I think LM has one Light damage attack, maybe, but they're mostly lightning (among others)'

Meadowlarke says, 'Hunters too have light oils. It's a special damage type.'

Burnheart says, 'Think of Light damage as the opposite of Shadow damage that enemies can inflict.'

You say, 'Right.'

Porkloin says, 'fire and lightning, and one light.'

Lerillos says, 'i use light oils agains certain enemies. it is more effective tthan fire in some cases'

Meadowlarke says, 'Light damage is also low in calories . . . and saturated fats.'

Porkloin says, 'when a lore master can't use fire in a situation, it feels like it can't do much at all.'

You say, 'We can't talk about that until September!'

Burnheart says, 'Lightning damge from a Runekeeper is Tactical Damage.'

Lerillos says, 'do light damage and lightening work agains tone another?'

Porkloin says, 'without fire on my rune keeper, it would be tough too until I get more skills.'

Porkloin says, 'no worries, everyone forgets what I say within minutes.'

You say, 'What's that?'

Meadowlarke says, 'Next week, we will discuss championizing. We will try to find some championzees to teach us.'

Meadowlarke says, 'I mean . . . next month.'

Gloriadh says, 'Thank you for all the help!'

Meadowlarke says, 'Seems like folks are done talking.'

Burnheart says, 'No Lerillos, "Light" damage and lightning damage don't cancel each other out.'

Bothur says, 'Thanks for the class'

Porkloin says, 'are we going to demonstrate how a champion duels a burglar?'

You say, 'We can also make it snow.'

Meadowlarke says, 'We're well over time. So, I hope folks found it useful.'


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re: Rune-Keeper Class Discussion 6-7-20

Thank you, Miss Gennyrose, for posting these.  This will be most helpful to those who need to refer back to what was said.  If enough are posted, perhaps it will require its own forum. 

Thank you again for posting these. 

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