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re: Moot Meet at the Oak, Saturday at 6:30 PM

The Oak N. Barrel Inn is in the southeast corner of Addernotch Homestead.

Addernotch is the very first Shire homestead, so the easiest to find.

We can talk about the 15th Edition of the Rules and Procedures (update 15) and anything else folk might want to discuss.



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re: Moot Meet at the Oak, Saturday at 6:30 PM

I am under the impression that Fifth of next month is when that takes place too,  though many  folks are complaining saying the bears ain't ready enough to come out and play,  the devs said that they left it open ended on purpose for some of the higher level  things so's to get better feedback without needing to "patch and revoke"  skills later.  

So I am betting if folks tested em on Bullroarer as of now, they'll be like that for while til folks get the hang of them, and they learn the skills for them more.

Music situation has some people upset, however,  there is a Thread all about the errors, this was created on October 11th,  and replied to by a Dev saying it was noted and being addressed, on the 14th.

So hopefully the music changes will be  all good by patch day.

Thats all the information I have found today on things what interest me *smiles*  The rest is  all sindarin to me.


There is some screenshots to be found of Beornings starting clothing and appearances too as well as some barber shop adjustments and fine tuning for looks.


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re: July Moot Meet !

I didn't edit this much.  You've been warned.  And "You say" = Daffodilia says.

And I didn't realize til I edited this that I missed Dagdalin askin' how I was doin as I was launching into my presentation.  Sorries!

You say, 'A'fore we start talking about Tuesday changes, is there anything folk want t' announce?'
Perri says, 'I announce....'
Perri says, 'That I am old and tired!'
Kaleigh chuckles at Perri.
You say, 'Aww, say it ain't so, Periadoc!'
Kaleigh sits down.
Meadowlarke says, 'You don't look old.'
Gennyrose takes 49 Superior Goat Cheese and Pear Pasties from Kaleigh's plate.
Kaleigh looks at Genny
Meadowlarke says, 'You don't look any older than the first day I met you.'
Gennyrose sits down.
Perri says, 'Ah. Well that's kind.'
Daffodilia pulls out her notes colled from the Housing Authority and looks them over as folk chatter
Meadowlarke beckons to Sophyriwen.
Perri says, 'I figured adventures with Tarn back in the day aged me a lot'
Perri sits with Olvi.
Kaleigh says, 'He did bring up the average age of folk nearby, I suppose.'
Meadowlarke says, 'The first order of business . . .'
Meadowlarke says, 'I'll take sausage, two eggs sunny side up, some bread and butters, and a side of hash browns.'
Kaleigh waves to Sophyriwen adn smiles
Perri says, 'More like cost me years from fright, all the mad scrapes he led us (mostly safely) into!'
Perri misses ol' Beardy now and then.
Kaleigh says, 'They named those weapons after him, you know. The Ancient Dwarf ones.'
Perri says, 'Ha!'
Meadowlarke says, 'I wonder iffen he's still alive.'
Daffodilia is almost ready for her short presentation
Meadowlarke says, 'I sense that Daffodilia is almost ready for her short presentation.'
Kaleigh says, 'Cripes, Chief. I am sure he is fine.'
Perri says, 'Mebbe an expedition to the Blue Mountains will answer that one day.'
Frogbo looks at Daffodilia.
Perri says, 'Lets give her all our tension.'
Perri says, 'A tension?'
Perri says, 'Ten sons'
Meadowlarke says, 'Ten shins.'
Perri says, 'Tentses'
Gennyrose perks up.
Perri says, 'a tin shin?'
Kaleigh hides her shins beneath her
Frogbo give just a little attention to the cheese
Meadowlarke says, 'Well, folks know that the 2nd Ammendments to the 18th Edition of the Middle Earth Rules and Procedures Manual will be released on Tuesday.'
Perri agrees.
Perri sits down.
Daffodilia looks up from her notes, mostly satisfied
Kaleigh nods
Meadowlarke says, 'Such a long name. Folks might want to simply call it Update 18.2 for short.'
You say, 'I'm sure some will'
Perri says, 'Might do'
You say, 'I'm readies when folks are.'
Perri is ready.
Meadowlarke says, 'Minstrels . . . like me . . . should be able to have Rally written into all their books - Red and Yellow and not just Blue. That'll be handy.'
Frogbo sits with Daffodilia.
Meadowlarke says, 'But Daffodilia has some concerns that folks might confiscate some of our properties.'
You say, 'Better safe than sorries.'
Kaleigh says, 'Oh, dear.'
Meadowlarke says, 'Those what was leant to us us by others.'
Meadowlarke says, 'Go ahead, Daffodilia.'
You say, 'Miss Kaleigh, I know Gammy wrote you alreadies about such'
You say, 'Okies. Fer them that don't know'
You say, 'The Housing Authority is finally giving us something we've long asked fer.'
You say, 'We'll have much more placement optionin' come Tuesday.'
You say, 'First, I'll talk about what we're getting'
Meadowlarke says, 'They bought us some hooks.'
You say, 'and then I'll talk about concerns'
Perri says, 'Good.'
You say, 'And then I'll talk about preventative measures in case those concerns turn out t' be true'
Gennyrose says, 'Maybe I'll be able to display all my fishin' trophies now.'
You say, 'This is all info thanks t' the Bullroarer folks who sent pidgeons, and a meeting I had with some Courserra folk brainstorming how t' protect our belongings and Mathoms'
You say, 'So, here's the good news.'
You say, 'So far, interior only will change. Outside will take longer to get right since they's so many different yard types.'
You say, 'And here are the numbers:'
You say, 'Standard - 32 hooks (22 on live)'
You say, 'Live, being, right now, that is.'
Gennyrose waves to Tobblin.
You say, 'Deluxe - 74 hooks (47 on live)'
Tobblin waves to everyone.
You say, 'Kin - 129 hooks (80 on live)'
You say, 'Heyas Tobblin'
Tobblin sits with Frogbo.
Perri says, 'HEyas'
Meadowlarke says, 'Quite an increase.'
Kaleigh waves to Tobblin and smiles
Tobblin says, 'hullo'
You say, 'In addition t' these extra spots...'
Meadowlarke says, 'Do we have to pay for them>'
Perri says, 'Thats a lot of hooks. Fish should be afraid.'
You say, 'Not for those no.'
You say, 'There has been speculation over that, but so far it's all free'
You say, 'Now the changes also took in mind'
You say, 'how we all wanted t' be able t' sit t'gether in chairs'
You say, 'or pull a chair t' a table'
You say, 'And ya'll find that many of plans do just that'
You say, 'There are, of course, some places that have been moved t' make room fer some a' the new ones.'
You say, 'And there are folks who have made flippy books about some'
You say, 'I'll talk about the flippy books later'
Meadowlarke says, 'Dinner parties!'
You say, 'In addition t' the new placements'
You say, 'Housing Storage will get bigger'
You say, 'Houses will have 3 extra 15-slot Mithril-only shelf upgrades. Max slots are 165 (was 120) for Standard and Deluxe, and 225 (was 180) for Kinship.'
Kaleigh cheers
Kaleigh says, 'Oh, sorry!'
Perri says, 'Nice. Not a fan of Mithril-only things, but that's a decent upgrade.'
You say, 'It's okies'
You say, ''tis Periadoc'
You say, 'So that's the good news.'
Perri shushes himself.
You say, 'Now the bad news, is only bad because there was no way fer certain things t' be tested a'forehand.'
You say, 'Due to moving spots and past vault issues, here are the current unconfirmed conerns:'
You say, '- No one knows if all decorations will go to that smial's vault or other bound to escrow.'
You say, '- No one knows if we will have a repeat of the Smial Vault upgrade where items inside disappeared once the Vault was opened after the upgrade.'
You say, 'No t' the first...'
You say, 'We do not know if any decorations will stay aligned with they's previous spots, or everything will get sent to escrow'
You say, 'This is a concern fer two reasons.'
Tobblin says, 'well if it goes anywhere, other than to a same designated hook, then you ain't gonna re-place somethin a friend of years back left ya'
You say, '1) If a friend has sailed West or is on Walkabout, it might not be possible to get that item back'
You say, '2) If items get sent to escrow, and the vanishing chest items upon opening happens'
You say, 'we have no way of knowing how long it will take them to fix that, as they did last time.'
You say, 'So with these concerns in mind...'
You say, 'Here are some suggestions folks have thought up:'
You say, '- If you have items that were gifts from friends, if that friend is still about, send them a post of what items they gifted, and have a list of what goes where in case things get removed.'
You say, '- remove any one time bound items whether yours or a friends when possible. This includes things like Bounder Bounty tables and deed fishing trophies.'
Meadowlarke says, 'And iffen your friend went to Branywine or Crickhollow?'
You say, 'The sorta' things ya simply cannot get again'
You say, 'Then ya might be outta luck.'
You say, 'There's only so much preparation we can try t' prevent the worst IF it happens, and it might not'
Tobblin says, 'they need ta make considerations fer folks what ain't here no more.'
You say, 'But folks are doin' they's best t' be prepared'
You say, 'They do, but they might not, Tobblin'
You say, 'Also'
You say, '- remove anything that's not easy to replace from your Smial storage'
You say, '- In order to be able to yank stuff out of overflow storage.... just in case!'
Tobblin says, 'dinna know why they dinna just 'unbound and un name' certain things like they did about four years back'
You say, 'Well, certain bindings are going to change'
You say, 'Things that used t' be character bound that are taxidemied'
You say, 'Will now be account bound'
Perri sits down.
Tobblin says, 'Hoppa has a handful of things what someone else placed, whats now bound ta him from back then'
You say, 'But that doesn't help with things from friends'
You say, 'Oh inneresting.'
You say, 'So he removed a Bound item what wasn't his and now it's linked t' him'
You say, '?'
Tobblin says, 'not recent like'
You say, 'Ah'
Tobblin says, 'a bout four years back'
Daffodilia looks back and tries to find her place in her notes
Tobblin says, 'soem oh them statues n such, were placed by other folkses,'
You say, 'So each folk I've spoken with'
You say, 'It taking whatever precautions they feel comfortable taking'
You say, 'I'm doing my best to protect Addernotch, as is Gammy'
You say, 'Which will eat up a lot of time in the next few days'
You say, 'Since this will happen on Tuesday'
You say, 'Now...anyone have a question?'
Tobblin says, 'Daffi there might be some o' your folkses bound thing in the Ward End'
You say, 'Aye, I think Genny still has some trolls there at the very least'
Tobblin says, 'oh no, not that place'
Tobblin says, 'tother one what you decorated inside'
You say, 'Oh then I don't know. Meybbe we could go look after Meet'
You say, 'Ah'
Tobblin says, 'with em fire swords'
You say, 'I think Marblous got all that stuff out'
You say, 'Dy might have some still in there'
You say, 'I do want to stress that we don't know if things will get removed.'
You say, 'But many of us do not want to lose anything, especially the specialist stuff'
You say, 'But, as was mentioned, if friends are gone,'
Gennyrose says, 'Better to be safe then cry over spilled milk, I always say.'
You say, 'there might be nothing we can do other than write a ticket to the Housing Authority and hope for the bst'
You agree with Gennyrose.
Tobblin says, 'I have a hope that they will have kept same for the hooks designations, and maybe there will be new ones and a few not same place you put them, but still there'
You say, 'Most do have many of the same hooks'
You say, 'but a few were nudged over to make room for others'
You say, 'But we don't know for certain what will happen'
Tobblin says, 'if things go missin' its most likely Hoopah's fault'
Meadowlarke says, 'OneEvilGoblin.'
You say, 'You can find flippy books of some of the changes here: *holds up a note* (( ))'
Tobblin says, 'him too!'
You say, 'They show were new placements will be for many types of smials'
Gennyrose says, 'Has anyone ever seen OneEvilGoblin an' Hoopah in the same place?'
You say, 'So no questions? Everyone understood everythign okies?'
Perri has gone offline.
Tobblin says, 'I aint'
Daffodilia looks to Tobblin and listens
Meadowlarke says, 'I'm too confused to have questions.'
You say, 'What wasn't clear, Meadow?'
You say, 'I'll do my level best to straighten it out'
Meadowlarke says, 'Oh, I think I'll just hope for the best.'
You say, 'Okies.'
You say, 'Welp, the only other thing I wanted t' say...'
Frogbo says, 'Should we pick up all the things at our house we can?'
You say, 'Is that Miss Kaleigh and Miss Genny, I'd like t' have a quick word after about all the donations ya both made and what ya want t' do or not.'
You say, 'Many are doing that, Frogbo'
You say, 'Especially things in vaults'
You say, 'I know I am quite concerned over Stitchville.'
Meadowlarke says, 'That's revaulting.'
You say, 'Mats can be replaced with time and effort,'
You say, 'but some of the clothing can't be easily if at all'
You say, 'Okies. I guess my presenatation is done then.'
You sit.
You say, 'Thankies all for listin'
Gennyrose says, 'Thankye for lettin' us know, Daff. I wouldn't have thought about all of that.'
Kaleigh says, 'Thank you for that, Daffy. I did not know much of that at all, so it was very helpful.'
Daffodilia smiles
Kaleigh nods to Genny
Frogbo says, 'Thanks you'
Gennyrose nods back to Kaleigh.
Kaleigh says, 'Hopefully, the Overlords have things taken into account. Hopefully.'
Kaleigh crosses her fingers
You say, 'Aye'
Tobblin says, 'aye'
Meadowlarke says, 'Iffen you need a place to hide things so the confiscaters can't find them . . .'
You say, 'I wasn't sure if we should have folk who donated stuff that we know is there hide it fer the time bein'
You say, 'But really, that's not the real bounded concern'
You say, 'It's memories of friends gone'
Meadowlarke says, 'Aye. Locket built Tiempko's house'
Daffodilia nods
Meadowlarke says, 'So . . . in addition to housing changes and minstrel changes . . . anybody else know of anything in the Update 18.2 that is interesting?'
You say, 'New furniture! Some nice things too'
You say, 'Oh that's still housing...'
You say, 'erm...'
Kaleigh says, 'You will have a use for all of those scrolls of empowerment again, I think, Chief.'
Meadowlarke says, 'How many?'
Kaleigh says, 'Stacks and stacks!'
Kaleigh counts on her fingers
Meadowlarke says, 'I'm really tired of rescuing Dol Ameroth.'
Meadowlarke says, 'Daffodilia wants to amend her earlier remarks.'
Kaleigh says, 'The most per item would be seventy, I believe, so twice that for the set.'
You say, 'Ah yes'
You say, 'One tip was to mail stuff if yer bags and personal vault is full'
You say, 'That's a safe spot t' hide stuff too'
You say, 'Jes don't "read" it til after the dust settles'
Kaleigh says, 'That is a good idea.'
Kaleigh says, 'Nobody better tell the Quick Post we are using them as vault-keepers, though...'
Kaleigh smiles
Lerillos waves to everyone.
You say, 'They'll figure it out. And they'll make all that postage'
Lerillos sits down.
You say, 'Hullo!'
Kaleigh says, 'True...'
Meadowlarke says, 'I hear there's a new battle being planned for Filidor's Army.'
Kaleigh says, 'The first battle of this sort in many, many years, I believe.'
Meadowlarke says, 'Do you think Filidor can muster up a proper double-squad?'
Kaleigh says, 'Well...'
Gennyrose gives Lerillos a big hug.
Lerillos gives Kaleigh a big hug.
Kaleigh gives Lerillos a big hug.
Lerillos gives Gennyrose a big hug.
Meadowlarke says, 'That reminds me . . . I have a need to patrol around Minis Tirith and hunt for warbandits. There's a class trait point waiting for me iffen I do'
Kaleigh says, 'Likely not, if I am to be honest, I fear.'
Kaleigh says, 'But we will see.'
Meadowlarke says, 'Iffen we can do a warbandits patrol some day . . .'
Meadowlarke says, 'Um . . . .'
Gennyrose says, 'I probably haven't done most of those, neither.'
Meadowlarke says, 'You gotta slay over half dozen to get the credit.'
Kaleigh says, 'I was just going to say the same. If we can gather a nice group of folk that need to do so, that would be a good foray for the Army, to be sure.'
Gennyrose says, 'I've slain over half a dozen of lots of things!'
You say, 'I guess the question is when'
Kaleigh says, 'I have slain half a dozen of these cheese pasties already.'
Lerillos chuckles at genny
Kaleigh blushes crimson red.
Meadowlarke says, 'Mayhaps Filidor's Army gan go on a patrol.'
Gennyrose says, 'Slugs. Wolfs. ummm.... Bugs, too.'
Gennyrose chuckles at Kaleigh.
Kaleigh says, 'Perhaps!'
Lerillos says, 'crawlers...lizards....'
Gennyrose says, 'Oh, yeah! Them, too.'
Kaleigh says, 'Pibgorns...'
Gennyrose says, 'An' tall folk! I've slain lots of tall folk!'
Daffodilia chuckles softly
Gennyrose says, 'Lots an' lots!'
Lerillos says, 'what? i missed that oen, kay'
Kaleigh says, 'And their sins...'
Gennyrose warns Kaleigh.
Meadowlarke says, 'Oh! August is Chicken Month!'
Kaleigh says, 'Shins, I mena'
Kaleigh sighs
Gennyrose says, 'Oh, s'true!'
Kaleigh says, 'Sorry, too many pasties'
Frogbo says, 'kick them in the knee'
You say, 'Yes, and the Mayor is very behind in paperwerks'
Gennyrose says, 'You shouldn't talk with your mouth full, Kaleigh.'
Kaleigh says, 'Sffrry'
Gennyrose squints at Kaleigh.
Tobblin chuckles
Lerillos says, 'daffi, we will tie the market into chicken month again this year'
Kaleigh says, 'Mmm... there we are.'
You say, 'Okies. I'll be better about getting chickens there this time Miss Lerillos'
Gennyrose says, 'Oh, good!'
Lerillos says, 'so if you want to bring egglantine and ahve a parade through bree and crash the market, plese do so'
Tobblin says, 'tyin up chickens at the market? they gettin loose?'
You say, 'I will plan fer that.'
You say, 'I still need t' find someone t' lead a run t' that scary place'
You say, 'But I did find someone t' lead a Free Range'
Daffodilia scribbles a note to make sure Nenharnia is ready to muster folk for that this year.
Meadowlarke says, 'Classy Discussion on the 16th is on champions.'
You say, 'Aye'
Meadowlarke says, '*sings* We are the champions . . . WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! . . . Of Middle Earth.'
Gennyrose says, 'Story Night is on Fryday, too. The 8th.'
Tobblin chuckles
You say, 'Anyone know how the theatrical is coming along?'
Tobblin says, 'aye'
Gennyrose says, 'Did you find out where Story Night is going to be, Daff?'
Daffodilia thinks
You say, 'Bunnies and Bears and'
You say, 'oh dear..did I?'
Tobblin says, 'Brockenborings'
You say, '*checks her notes*'
You say, 'Right!'
Gennyrose says, 'Theatrical practice is on Thursday. She's still looking for more hobbit actors, I think.'
You say, 'Brockenborings'
Tobblin says, 'out there by Halitosis the ranger'
You say, 'bear sna bunny fields'
You say, 'They start again next week, right Genny?'
Gennyrose says, 'This week, yes. The 7th.'
Meadowlarke says, 'I'll kick Li'l Meadowlark out of the warehouse and get him there.'
Kaleigh says, 'We might need to make the doorframe in the Museum a bit wider so Carndan's head can make it through for the Champion lecture.'
Kaleigh smiles
You say, 'hah'
Lerillos says, 'heeheehee'
Lerillos says, 'will he be home then?'
Kaleigh says, 'I think he returns the Sunday after tomorrow, so he should be.'
Lerillos says, 'nods'
Meadowlarke says, 'That was a good discussion.'
Meadowlarke says, 'Remember to hide your valuables from the confiscators.'
You say, 'OH!'
You say, 'Buttoning next Saturday'
You say, '2pm'
You say, 'Station House'
Meadowlarke says, 'You got . . . buttoning on Saturday at 2:00 PM at Addernotch Station.'
Meadowlarke looks sad.
Tobblin pats Meadowlarke on the head.
Meadowlarke says, 'I think that's it.'
You say, 'I agree. That was plenty fer me.'
Meadowlarke says, 'Good deeds in 30 minutes.'

"No rest for the overly imaginative."
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