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re: FAT HOBBIT (2024)



Date:  Tuesday, February 13, 2024. 

Time: 9:00 PM/servertime (Eastern Time)  

Location:  The Bird and Baby Inn Courtyard, Michel Delving, The Shire



First celebrated in the Shire in 2011 or 2012, Fat Hobbit is always held on Shrove Tuesday.  (Since this is a Moveable Feast based on the Moon's fullness, the date will be different each year.)  It is the Bounders version of Mardi Gras.  Fat Hobbit celebrates the hobbit, Marty Grass, who gave up eating pies for 40 days  Some say that it is a celebration of the hobbit, Mary Grass, in anticipation of the ending of winter. Regardless of one's belief, it is celebrated by music and a "Come as You Aren't "Costume Contest. The event colors are Purple, Green and Gold (or Yellow). All contestants MUST wear the festival colors.  Guests may wear these colors in honor of the festivities, but are not required to do so.  Masks may also be worn.  The more elaborate the contestant's costume is, the more likely it is that he or she will win.   The band will play throughout the event.

The Costume Contest is held to determine the winners, who will be the next King and Queen of Fat Hobbit.  There is a Costume Parade, so that all may see the costumes worn by the contestants. The Parade should begin at the second or third tune.  Voting should begin soon afterwards. 

The winners are chosen by vote, which is done by Bead (gem) selection.  Music will be provided by the Green Hills Music Society. 




To all those who participated in Fat Hobbit:  those who helped with the event (Advertisers, organizers, those running the event, gem suppliers); Green Hills Music Society (GHMS) Band for the music; those participating in the Costume Contest; and those in the audience, my grateful thanks to you all for participating and making it a wonderful success, as I was unexpectedly indisposed. 

My thanks also to the designer of the beautiful poster created for the event.   I do not know who you are, but  thank you so much.  I have little skill in that area and appreciate your wonderful work.

Special Thanks to Master Falibrand, for founding this delightful and fun event, for his wisdom, memories, and unfailing advice.  I could never have done any part of Fat Hobbit over the years without you, Sir.  Thank you. 

Many thanks to outgoing King Belnoro and Queen Sunnberry for their lively reign.



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re: FAT HOBBIT (2024)

Congratulations to Lillypearl and Erlido, this year's new Queen and King!


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