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re: Chicken Glossary


Below is our glossary of RP chicken words/phrases which developed over time into common lingo to many who spend an eggstraordinary amount of time with chickens. Some are conventions to work around game dynamics in a way that sounds like it fits in naturally to Middle-earth.

Be advised that this glossary may later have corrections or additions made to it, as needed.

Amon Hen: A place very, very, very far away from Sandson's Farm. Some chickens embeak on a pilgrimage there to see the missing link between themselves and Big Folk.

Beak Tender: A Chicken Tender that leads the way and removes threats to chickens during escorted runs.

Brass Beak: A wingchick that successfully kept another chicken alive by sacrificing themselves.

Broodie (also Broody): A chicken in your run that has failed the run in the past.

Carrier Pidgeon: An RP convention- whether referring to IMs/whispers or regional, these tireless birds take messages everywhere.

Carrier Pidgeon Unions: An RP convention- Sandson's Farm is considered a "Festival" chat zone, which is not the same as the "Shire" chat zones. This makes it difficult to keep communication going on the /regional channel because someone on the farm cannot hear the regional messages if the messenger is on the other side of the Carrier Pidgeon Union Tree. It's also very important to know this when the farm becomes layered due to a large turn out for a run--you can't see anyone, but you know folk are there. So the joke is the Festival Union and the Shire Union birds can't cross the line.

Carrier Pidgeon Union Tree, The: An RP convention-If you take the path from the East Road by turning at the signpost towards Sandson's Farm, there is a tree on your right just outside the farm where you will see your chat channels switch over from Shire to Festival as you pass it. Depending on which side you need to be on, then be on that side of the tree.

Chickengard: A Team Tendered Race to a place very, very far from Sandson's Farm. Teams lead their chicken for prizes and glory if the chicken doesn't become supper.

Chicken Tender (also Tender): A Free Folk who is helping escort the chickens do what they need to do, usually by swatting away other creatures who want you to be Dinner.

Chicken Tender Button: These buttons are made from spotted eggshell, where the sides have been carefully cut and hardened by some process known only to Farmer Sandson, Rue Goodbody, and possibly Daffodilia Wildfeet. Awarded for exemplary service on Sandson's farm (and sometimes at the cook fires), often during Chicken month. The first two awardees at the Addernotch Station House by the Bounders of the Shire were Mama Hen and young Meadowlark Sweetweed, the Shire's first Racemaster.

Chicken Trainer (also Trainer): Whatever Free Folk you are on when you do the chicken quests. Your chicken has your name on it, because you are the trainer.

Chief Tender: The Chicken Trainer in charge of the run.

Cloak of the Cluck: A beloved cloak, similar to one offered at Hobnanigans, yet very different! Earned once you complete all the quests leading up to and including the Flying the Coop line.

Crosser of Roads: A title that has brought many seeking it to tears. This is earned once you complete the Free Range questline. Not something a Spring Chicken can pull off.

Crowded Coop: During long runs or races, sometimes a lot of folk show up, and only so many chicken session slots are available per quest. The Chief/Marshall will call "Crowded Coop", and anyone who doesn't need that run but wants to be a chicken would then take an alternate quest destination (like Everswim instead of Rivendell).

Dinner (also Supper or Soup): A chicken that is/was killed during a run.

Feet Tender: A Chicken Tender that trails behind the Tailfeather Tender to sweep up any threats trying to sneak up from the rear of the chickens.

Fleet Footed Fowl: A convention used to describe racing chickens. Chicken races are a non-quest RP game where folks get their chickens and then race to whatever course/destination without Tenders, with prizes awarded accordingly.

Fool: A very rare title from a long obsolete April Fool's quest where chickens could go to the Moors via a special nest.

Fowl Marshall: Typically a goldie, the head chicken in a run. They are always a leader in a more formal parade (not the typical one in Bree), sometimes a second Marshall will rear guard in runs as well to keep an eye out for laggers.

Flying the Coop: The second series of quests that must be done to obtain your cloak after you finish the 3 Green Egg quests.

Free Range: The third series of quests and deeds that must be done to obtain the title "Crosser of Roads".

Free Wing: An attempt to complete any quest/deed without the help of Tenders. Fowl Marshalls and Wing Chicks can be at such attempts.

Free Wingers: (see above) Chickens who have attempted/succeeded to complete/completed any or many of their quests without the help of Tenders.

Get Your/Their Chicken(s): This happens after you are given the go ahead by the Chief Tender, and you go talk to Billena or George, depending on the quest.

Goldies: Chickens who have completed the Flying the Coop questline. When you talk to George, a golden feathered fowl will be offered for Free Range quests. (Free Range is repeatable, so you can always be a goldie after this point.)

Great Wide Open: A quest for chickens to a place very, very, very, very far away from Sandson's Farm where they need to take a flying leap.

Green Egg: A trainer/chicken who is on the first 3 quests that Wald Sandson offers at the farm.

Hacklers: Starking mad chickens that actually go out and fight other creatures, usually in large flocks. (You can level if you survive long enough.)

Heart Tender: A Chicken Tender that all chickens follow during escorted runs.

Hill, The: The Hill is the last stretch after the Ford of Bruin in the Trollshaws run. It is the most difficult by far thanks to the many lynxes to be found on the hillside.

Lady/Lord of the Wings: A title granted by completing the "Great Wide Open" quest to get your chicken to Minis Tirith.

Mama Hen: Rozalinde. There is no other.

Parade: Exactly what it sounds like, often done while traveling through Bree Town, with chickens almost always in single file.

Pipping: The first time one needs to speak to Billena.

Primaries: Chickens who have completed the Free Range quests and deeds, and have obtained their Crosser of Roads title.

Racemaster: The equivalent to a Chief Tender for races. This post is most often held by young Meadowlark, the founder of Landy chicken races.

Racing Chickens: see Fleet Footed Fowls.

Radagast the Brown: The only Free Folk who ever understands a thing we're trying to squawk.

Regional Inn: an RP convention- where there is an Inn with Carrier Pidgeons that travel all about the Shire, sharing gossip, announcements, et al.

Shire Time: /servertime aka ST, as in "We'll be meeting at Sandson's Farm at 5:00pm ST."

Spent Hen: A Broodie that has tried but not yet completed the Free Range questline.

Spring Chicken: A chicken that is within scratching distance of Free Range.

There and Bawk Again: The newest chicken quest to a far off place where it's rumored that there be dragons there.

Tail Feather: A chicken that acts as Rear Guard.

Tailfeather Tender: A Chicken Tender that follows the last chicken to make sure they don't want to chat with the bunnies during escorted runs.

Uncle Rooster: Hologro, who stepped up when Mama Hen went on walkabout.

Wald Sandson: (also "That fella that sometimes feeds us") A hobbit to speak to at Sandson's Farm if you ever hope to become one with your inner chicken.

Wingchick(s): Experienced chickens, goldies or otherwise, who assist as they can during runs. Wingchicks have been known to sacrifice themselves in harder runs in order to help Broodies and Spent Hens succeed (see: Brass Beak).

Wing Under the Mountain: A title granted by completing the "There and Bawk Again" quest which culminates after a nice nesting down upon the throne.

Wing Tender: A Chicken Tender that flaps about protecting the chickens on left and right flank of the Heart Tender follow during escorted runs.

Yard: RP slang for the /world channel.

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re: Chicken Glossary

I have updated this to include new terms.

"No rest for the overly imaginative."
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