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re: An Irish Wake for Mr. Beno - by his request. JOIN US!

Hello, folks:

It is with a very heavy heart I relay the following news from Mr. Beno today (from his Facebook )

So.. I'd had these.. "cramps" in my left leg.. and then another popped up under the base of my left rib.. It all felt like muscular issues to me.... agitated areas.. etc.. from coughing.. or not moving around enough..

Today the doc called and wanted to see me about those..

Turns out.. they're more cancer, they're bad. Terminally bad.. I'm going to continue to treat things while I can.. but the doc said, pretty much..

3 to 6 months.. and to begin looking into Hospice care.


And he's decided:

So.. BENO would have an Irish Wake, I think.. this is where you have a 'goodbye' bash while the person is still alive..

A celebration rather than a mourning..

I want to do this in LOTRO.. but I also want everyone to be able to come.. what would be the worst day of the week/times for you?

The earlier in your day, the better, honestly... anything after 5pm central is after midnight here..

Post here and I'll see what I can plan if you all think this a good idea?

Theme will be he's 'terminal' with 'Hitchin's" disease.. meaning he's had Bree water and must finally settle down and make Faina an honest barwench.



And he wants his family (us) to be there.

So, please spread the news and reply below with the times that are best for you, etc. and updates will be posted as to a time/date once it's been decided.

 Let's have the best party Landroval's seen in a long while!




- Dy


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