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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:44 am    Post subject:

Any of my little army would love to help and suffer the fate of the Captain, but not sure if I can...

As far as having the epic quest, my 105 champ right now is going through book 8 I believe and hasn't quite gotten to book 9. (yes I'm behind) Pretty much anyone else who started on the book 6 for Angmar quit as soon as they got to Gath Forthnir opened up, and they are all varying levels. 

If it can be replayed and still work, I think I may have a couple that finished Angmar's epic line, but then again, they are probably high level.

If anyone can do it, I have a Captain at 48 and various others... 37 mini, 39 warden, 43 Beorning, 65 RK, 62 Burg... sigh I think that's all around that level. *ponders*


Anyway, just thought I'd offer to help in anyway. Happy

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:59 am    Post subject: ((Spoiler Alert)) Help requested for Club Eclair

Club Éclair is approaching Book IX, Chapter 2.

. . .

I have a plan for this instance, but it requires two characters to travel with Club Éclair at 9:00 AM July 30.

These two players will play a Captain-type and a squire. The person who plays the squire will need to be familiar with what happens in the Book IX, Chapter 2 instance.

The group will march to Barad Gularan as requested.

When it comes time to enter the instance, the Captain will say, "Wait here for me. I must do this alone" - which means he will take his squire with him.

They vanish. The group waits.

A short while later, the squire appears - out of breath - and reports to the group what happened in the instance and the fate of the Captain.

This will get Club Éclair past Book IX, Chapter 2, without any Eclairian suffering the fate of the Captain.

. . .

Any volunteers?