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re: A New Bounder Chief

Well, I just got back from sending out my Letter of Resignation to the Bounders of the Shire (Addernotch Station) - effective November 14.

Daffodilia with become 6th Shirriff at a special inspections to be held at Addernotch Station at the crack of noon of that day.

I have purchased some riverfront property on the east side of the Brandywine River, where I intend to build a home, and a fishing pier. Officially, I won't be a Bounder any more. Though there is this little known and seldom used Reserve Activation Clause whereby I may be called upon to perform special duties.

I think it is a right and proper thing to be done. In the seven years I have served as Chief, I have grown a bit tired and neglectful of my Chiefy duties. With so many new people coming from distant lands, I think it is important that somebody with a bit more enthusiasm and determination fill the roll.

Of course, I have said for the whole of my 7 years - what has made the Bounders a success has never been its chief. It's been the quality of the officers that have served it over the years. If it were just me, Addernotch Station would have been a dark and lonely place long ago.

Daffodilia, Dyonaea, Gennyrose, Filidor, Falibrand, Lyonardo, Olalie, Hoedown, Aeyrfast. . . gad, I am fearful that I am missing one whose name just isn't popping into my head at the moment . . . anyways, each of them have served in their own Chiefly way in an important part of what has been the Bounders over the past eight years.

And with such a fine crew . . . 

And with such a fine chief as can be found in Daffodilia . . . 

Addernotch Station will continue to stand and serve the Shire well in these dark times.

Meadowlarke Sweetweed.


P.S. . . . Hoppa . . . I'll need some civilian clothes to wear. I looked in my closet and, once I got the door to open, I found the clothes inside were all moth-eaten and quite out of fashion.


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re: A New Bounder Chief

Oh aye,  any outfitses you can imagine we'll have  fixed up for you!


Molie Chandler

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re: A New Bounder Chief

*sniffles* Aww, yer makin' me sad bringin up old names that I ain't seen in ferever. Add to you steppin down, things is gonna be wierd fer a bit. Gonna be hard ta not salute ya when I see ya Chief. An' it's gonna be hard ta stop callin ya that. Iffen ya need some game brought down, or ya want some o' Carryme's pies, you just say so. I'll bring ya some fresh game, an' Carryme will bury you in pies, ales, and other things.

I know Daff will be a good Chief, an' I'll support her as best I can with the time I got.


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re: A New Bounder Chief

Congratulations, Daff! And many thanks, Meadowlarke, for all your hard work over the years.




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re: A New Bounder Chief


Thank you for your kind words, but moreso thank you for your faith and trust in me. In my tenure with the Bounders you always lead by gentle example and with good humour. You have been Chief all the time I've been a Bounder and can't say I recall any time you were less than an exemplary Chief. While I do understand your decision and the reasons for it, I cannot say as I am anything but sad about it.

However, time marches on and I agree there is no one finer to charge into this new chapter of player migrations than Daffodilia. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm certainly put a great Hobbit in charge as our new Sherriff.

I hope you realized today at Inspections how much you are respected, revered and loved. And that was all just from those of us who were there, a small sample size if ever there was.

Enjoy your time on the farm. Once you build that nice pier, it should be broken in with a proper FryDay celebration!



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